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Kitecenter Sri Lanka
Kitecenter Sri Lanka
Kitecenter Sri Lanka
Wing Foiling Sri Lanka
Best Kite Spot Sri Lanka - Kappalady Lagoon
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learn kitesurfing in Sri Lanka
Learn kitesurfing in Sri Lanka
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the Kite, wing & foil School  Sri Lanka  

the kite, wing and foil school - sri lanka 

Aloha kitesurfers! Welcome to Kite Center Sri Lanka! Together with our team of professional IKO-certified kite instructors, we are operating one of the top 3 kite schools in Sri Lanka. Our kite school is located at one of the windiest and safest kite locations to learn kitesurfing in Sri Lanka – the famous Kappalady Lagoon.


Kite Center Sri Lanka is the only kite school in Sri Lanka which is located on the beach in-between the kite lagoon and the ocean. Here at Kappalady, 20 minutes South of Kalpitiya, you find the best wind conditions in Sri Lanka. The wind blows freely over the flat sandbanks, paving the way to some neat flatwater kite sessions on the lagoon. 

In April 2019 we became an IKO affiliated kite schools in Sri Lanka and teach according to the worldwide, recognized IKO standards. All our kite instructors are licensed and certified by IKO. Upon completion of a kitesurfing beginner course, our students will get their online IKO certification which enables them to rent kitesurfing gear anywhere around the world.

With your IKO certification, you can also download instructional material and videos through the IKO app. Like this, you can further enhance your kitesurfing skills or prepare yourself before your next kitesurfing holiday. We are also one of the few official kite schools in Sri Lanka, approved by the Sri Lankan Board of Tourism.


You will be getting world-renowned standards of instruction at our kite school in Sri Lanka and will be able to pick up where you left off with any other IKO instructors around the globe as our teaching follows the stringent methods and standards of the International Kitesurfing Organisations IKO.


Having local and international instructors we run our kitesurfing courses in English, French and Sinhala the local language in Sri Lanka. If you want to learn kitesurfing in Sri Lanka and expand your skills, then come to Kitecenter Sri Lanka and we will help you to progress.

what is special about us the no1 kiteschool in sri lanka

Our kite school in Sri Lanka features spacious storage booths where our inhouse guest can freely stock up their private gear. Outside guest can rent a boot for a nominal amount per day. The beach showers and kite gear wash facilities are right where you need them. At our kite gear shop, we’ve stocked everything needed for kitesurfers, from sun lotion, sunglasses, lycra shirts, booties, harnesses to new kites and bars. Kitecenter Sri Lanka is equipped with FAITH kites, a custom kite-brand with purpose behind. In addition we are phasing in NORTH kites as well which will be mainly for our advanced riders to use. As our kite school in Sri Lanka is right at the beach on the sandbank between the Indian Ocean and the famous Kappalady lagoon near Kalpitiya in Sri Lanka. From our infinity pool which our day guest can use, you can overlook the kite lagoons and the ocean. An amazing setup if you happen to bring a spouse, friend or family who are not kitesurfers.


Kappalady lagoon, our house kite spot is one of the easiest and safest locations to learn kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. Here’s why!


As the two lagoons in Kappalady next to kite school Sri Lanka directly face the ocean, they get the steadiest wind in the entire Kalpitiya area. The sandbank in front of the lagoon stops the ocean waves, thus the lagoons are super flat. The kite lagoons are shallow, so you can stand almost anywhere. In some places you need to be careful not to touch the ground when kiting. When jumping in shallow areas, make sure you land on the board – LOL!

The lagoons are always warm -- tropical 28-30°C all year-round. There are no obstacles, no rocks, no corals or debries. Looking at all these aspects, it’s an ideal spot to learn kitesurfing. Having said this, Kappalady lagoon is also much vaunted amongst advanced kitesurfers to improve and work on their latest tricks.


At our KCSL kite school Sri Lanka, we are kitesurfing almost the entire year as the wind statistics are simply amazing. We are having eight months of kite season per year. The summer season from May till Mid October and the winter season from December throughout mid of March. Besides kitesurfing, we also offer various leisure activities such as standup paddling (SUP), kayaking, mountain biking, dolphin and whale watching, scuba diving, riding in a traditional Sri Lankan bull cart – or simply chilling at the Elements infinity pool overlooking the kitespot.

a typical day at kcsl,

the original kite school in sri lanka

You wake up to the rustling sound of the palm leaves in our beautiful villas or cabanas nestled in a dense palm grove. With the golden sun rays sweeping across the serene waters you take a short beautiful walk through the resort to our beach restaurant & lounge. Let your feet kiss the soft powder sand as you enjoy a hearty breakfast accompanies by the sound of the waves splashing up onto the beach. Next -  it’s time to check in at our kite school in Sri Lanka just a stone throw away from the beach restaurant One of our kite instructors will take care of you and set you up for your lesson. You will fit on your harness, impact protection vest, helmet and kite shoes. Then you will get your kite, bar and board. If it is your first day at kite school Sri Lanka, you will get a spot briefing before you head out to the windy kite beach. Before every lesson the instructor will do a review about what you have learned the previous day and discuss your personal goals for today. This personal pre-lesson chat is confidence building and a deepens the relationship with your instructor.


Once you are ready for the mission - to learn kitesurfing in Sri Lanka, you head out to the kite lagoon directly behind the kite school. NO transfers in packed jeeps full of gear and people – just walk out to the spot. During this 3 minute warm up walk from our kite school in Sri Lanka to the kite beach you have again the chance to chat with your instructor about anything on your mind. During the summer months where the wind blows 24 hours, you would usually cover 2 hours in the morning and 1-2 hours in the afternoon, depending on your physical condition. In winter, we do the theoretical lessons in the morning and the kite sessions for about 3 hours in the afternoon. During your break, you ​have the option to come back to our beach restaurant & lounge and enjoy a healthy refreshment. You might even take a refreshing dip in our pool. Then refreshed and strengthened you will again head out for your afternoon session.


As most of our guest, kite students and instructors are tired at the end of a sunny and windy day on the beach, our kite school in Sri Lanka is arranging a bull cart pickup service with either Johann or Walter -- who are our two young and strong Sri Lankan bulls. They will take you back to our kitesurfing resort in style - just as the ancient Sri Lankan kings did. Back at Elements Beach & Nature Resort you can enjoy a sundowner from our beach bar and leisurely join the conversation with fellow kitesurfers and instructors, reflecting the events of the day.

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