Kitesurfing during Corona Sri Lanka
Kitesurfing during Corona Sri Lanka
Kitesurfing during Covid 19 in Sri Lanka
Kitesurfing during Corona Sri Lanka
Kitesurfing during Corona Sri Lanka
Kitesurfing during Covid 19 in Sri Lanka
Kitesurfing during Covid 19 in Sri Lanka

Kitesurfing during Corona times in Sri Lanka:

A Q&A with Marcel Bobay

kitesurfing holiday during covid times

Sri Lanka is open now. And you can go kitesurfing in Sri Lanka during these Corona times, too. When you fly to Sri Lanka, your first 14-day stay should be in a level 1 hotel. Now, luckily for you, our sister resort Elements Beach & Nature Resort is a registered level 1 hotel. During your 14-day stay, you can go kitesurfing in Kappalady, take a dip in our infinite pool, feast on home-cooked breakfasts and enjoy all the facilities available at the resort.
Now for kitesurfing, summer months are the best time to go kitesurfing here in Sri Lanka. Although we are still in the Covid-19 pandemic, you can make the best of your kitesurfing trip by staying at Elements and joining Kite Center Sri Lanka for kite lessons of all levels. Curious to know what your kitesurfing trip during Corona times looks like? 
We speak to Marcel Bobay to find out more. Marcel is the chairman at Elements and has been living in Kappalady during these Covid-19 times.  
Q: You’ve been in Kappalady for 14 months no...

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Kitespot Sri Lanka - Kappalady Lagoon
Kappalady Lagoon Beach Hut
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Chilling at Kappalady Lagoon Sri Lanka
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! we have all the Covid safety measures in place ! We operate as a SLTDA "safe & secure" certified service provider

Q: How is it like to go kitesurfing during Covid-19 in Sri Lanka? 
Marcel: In fact, kitesurfing during Corona is amazing, because the kite spots have never been emptier. As long as you are disciplined and adhere to the instruction of your kite school and kite instructors, keeping your distance of at least a kite lines length to others, [without mingling with locals] you will enjoy some of the finest kitesurfing sessions of your life during this Covid-19 pandemic. And think about it. It’s during the Coronavirus pandemic where others sit at home reading negative news. Kitesurfing during corona is one of the best ways to escape the negativity around you. 
Q: Tell me how you spend your day kitesurfing during corona times at Kitecenter Sri Lanka?
Marcel: Well, you start your day with the whispering sound of the coconut leaves weaving in the wind. Up on your feet, you head barefoot towards the Elements Beach Restaurant where a hearty breakfast awaits you. With a view onto the white top...

practical covid information for your travel to sri lanka

Travelling in Sri Lanka and Kitesurfing during corona, unwinding and hearing the familiar greeting Ayubowan (meaning, may you live long)  is all possible.

For up to date and comprehensive travel information, visit the official website of Sri Lanka Tourism:

To proceed, you just have to follow the few steps outlined on the dedicated COVID page of Elements Beach & Nature Resort. If you have further questions or need assistance, just reach out to us:

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