Kitesurfing holiday during Covid-19?

plan your kitesurfing holiday in sri lanka now! lots of space, easy vibe & great wind

It’s no secret that we are all living in quite challenging times with both ups and downs in life. The downside is that there are restrictions to travel and you need to quarantine whenever you arrive at a new place. However, for kitesurfers, the biggest blessing is that most kite sports across the world, outside Europe and the US, have never been emptier. So it’s a great time now to plan your kitesurfing holiday during Covid. Most sightseeing and adventure spots are open, and you can explore them without the big crowds before tourism swings back to normal. 

While governments around the world are continuously updating their travel advisories, travelling, for the most part, is possible with a few additional precautions. However, we understand that it’s not easy to plan your travels and decide where to spend your next kitesurfing holiday during Covid. As guidelines change every day, getting a clear image of the tourism landscape is quite challenging. That is why we have summarized it for...


! we have all the Covid safety measures in place ! We operate as a SLTDA "safe & secure" certified service provider

Our kite school, KCSL, is under Elements Beach & Nature Resort, which has been awarded as one of the first “Safe & Secure” certified hotels in Sri Lanka in late January 2021. KCSL operates at the 23-acre beachfront property under the bio-safety protocol as mentioned by Sri Lanka Tourism. 

So if you are coming here for a kitesurfing holiday during these Covid times, here’s how it looks:
Kitesurfers arriving at the Colombo International Airport can directly proceed to Kitecenter Sri Lanka in Kappalady, where they are obliged to stay for 7-13 nights at the Safe & Secure Level 1 hotel, Elements Beach & Nature Resort.

Once the guests have received their first negative PCR results, they can involve in fun, adventure activities without worrying too much. Our kite school conducts kitesurfing and kite lessons according to IKO standards in the Kappalady Lagoon daily, while you will also have the chance to go kitesurfing in the ocean. Other adventure holiday activities during Covid include ka...

practical covid information for your travel to sri lanka

Traveling to Sri Lanka is easy and as the numbers are very low here, you will not have to quarantine when you return to your home country. 


to proceed, you just have to follow the few steps outlined on the dedicated COVID page of Elements Beach & Nature Resort. If you have further questions or need assistance, just reach out to us:

Call Samith, our reservations manager via phone or whatsapp: +94 770 066 468

Email: info@kitecentersrilanka.com 

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