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At Kite Center Sri Lanka, we believe that every person comes with a unique background and therefore we teach on an individual basis, lesson by lesson. Together with the student, we discuss from lesson to lesson, how and in which direction to continue. The lessons are for you, they shall be about what YOU NEED and would YOU like to learn RIGHT NOW.


This tailormade individual instruction model and our kitesurfing lessons require a high degree of professionalism and flexibility from our instructors. This is why, at our kite school in Sri Lanka, we hand-select our instructors which are all IKO-qualified professionals and follow the IKO methods and standards.


50 EUR per hour including kitesurfing equipment (incl. tax)

Are you getting back onto the water after a long time, you want to learn riding upwind, toeside, transitions or a new move - you tell us what you are up to and our team at Kite Center Sri Lanka with its professional instructors will individually assist you. 


If you are a beginner, our flat-water lagoon is one of the best kitesurfing locations in Sri Lanka. It’s also perfectly safe and if you are looking to combine your kitesurfing holiday in Sri Lanka with a few relaxing days by the beach, Elements Beach & Nature Resort, our beach accommodation has gorgeous eco-friendly cabanas and villas.

All the instructors at our kite school in Sri Lanka are IKO qualified.

kitesurfing Beginner Course

With this course you’ll learn about kitesurfing whilst practicing in a safe environment. If you want to be independant and safe by the end of your stay then this is the course for you. Taken over 3 days you really have time to immerse yourslef into kitesurfing.



  1. Setup and Safety

  2. Basic theory of both kitesurfing and wind understanding

  3. First flying of trainer and power kite

  4. Waterstart and relaunch of the kite

  5. Bodydragging downwind and upwind

  6. First waterstart exercises on the board

  7. Up and riding!


9 hrs (12 hrs for 2 students) incl. equipment


360 EUR per person incl. tax

Our kitesurfing lessons in Sri Lanka are delivered in many languages.

At our kitesurfing school in Kalpitiya, we have international instructors hailing from diverse backgrounds including our own local assistants. With our multilingual kite instructors, we now can offer courses in English, Swiss-German, German and French.

We have our own kite gear and equipment shop.

Recently, to give our kitesurfers the best experience, we have equipped our Kite Center and kite school with high-quality kite equipment. We have also expanded our premises and established a kite shop and storage booth next to our kite center. Our kite school also has its own kite shelter at the Northern Kappalady Beach where our students can relax between the sessions. 

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Kappalady, Talawila​

Sri Lanka

Tel: +94 77 851 8290

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