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best WIND in SRI LANKA wind statistics sri lanka

Best Wind in Sri Lanka

Named as one of the windiest places on Earth, Sri Lanka has on of the best wind statistics in the entire world.  You will find the best wind in Sri Lanka at Kappalady on the west Coast, just south of Kalpitiya. Kappalady is where Kite Center Sri Lanka is located it is one of the windiest places in Sri Lanka. It’s our home, and joining hands with our kite hotel, Elements Resort, we offer our guests some of the best kitesurfing experiences in the world. Kappalady is still an authentic, pristine kitesurfing location where a long sandbar separates the sea and the two lagoons which makes it the best kite spot in Kalpitiya with the best wind statistics in Sri Lanka. We have two main kitesurfing seasons in Sri Lanka:

The summer months from May to October is the main kitesurfing season in Sri Lanka. Since it’s the peak season, kiters from all around the world flock to Kalpitiya Peninsula of Sri Lanka’s West Coast. However, as we are located in Kappalady Lagoon, a quieter but a fabulous kitesurfing spot in Sri Lanka, you will get plenty of space to yourself for a relaxing kitesurfing holiday. In the summer months, we receive the best wind in Sri Lanka. The wind is averaging 20-30 knots most often and is blowing day and night. You'll be hard-pressed to find better wind statistics in Sri Lanka or anywhere else in the world.

Our winter kite season starts in December and end in April. During winter, the wind statistics show an average wind speed of 15-22 kts in the afternoon. From December to March, we have relatively cool and pleasant climate which makes it a fabulous time for other tourist activities as well. However, don’t go too hard on your first day, take it easy since there is lots of wind for you to progress and enjoy.

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