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rental of kite and wing foiling equipment in Sri Lanka

Kitecenter Sri Lanka is the official sales point for Eleveight kites and wings in Sri Lanka. Thus we have outfitted our kite and wing foiling center with the best kite and wing foiling equipment on the market. We are stoked  about representing Eleveight in Sri Lanka. 

kitecenter sri lanka - the official eleveight dealer in sri lanka

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We distribute and rent top notch Eleveight kite and wing equipment in Sri Lanka.


In early 2022 we joined the dynamically evolving brand and are extremely happy about their products and our way of collaboration. Eleveight is the 2021 World Champion brand flown by Arthur Guillbert. We act as the official point of sale for Eleveight Kites Sri Lanka thus having kite equipment in our stable for rental and training. Our flagship kites are the XS and RS 2023 models Eleveight kites RS V5 

In additionto our high performance rental kite equipment we have a range of medium aspect ratio wave kites from Faith-Kiteboarding available as well.  We operate with a solid stock of 35 kites and at present 18 boards leaving our customers all the options open to choose from.  We  have Crazy Fly lightwind boards for our beginners and  Aaron Hadlow freestyle and wake style boards for advanced riders.


Further we have directional surf boards in our kite equipment rental stock. 

We are one of the very few points which provides the latest wing foiling rental equipment in Sri Lanka. Our winging section consists of: 

two 125 ltr Eleveight "Evolve" performance wing boards with HXS 1950cm2 and 1500cm2 freeride hydro foils
one 90 ltr Eleveight "Evolve" wing foil board, fitted with a 1500cm2 Duotone hydrofoil on an 80cm mast

one 4m2 HK wing
two 5m2 Eleveight Wings  
two 6m2 Eleveight Wings 

two NORTH pro kite foil boards on 110cm masts 

new & used kite and wing foiling equipment for sale in sri lanka

Kitecenter Sri Lanka is the official retailer for ELEVEIGHT kites in Sri Lanka as we focus on curating the best experience for our kitesurfing guests. We choose to collaborate with the young and innovative kitebrand ELEVEIGHT because we love the philosophy of the brand, the innovative minds behind and the product itself.   
Please call us or send us a message if you are interested to buy Eleveight kites, wings or boards.

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