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kappalady lagoon & reef

Kappalady welcomes you with a laid back vibe, a quiet environment and surrounded by sublime nature. It takes you back to the authentic roots of Sri Lanka, far away from mass tourism. Kitesurfing started here at Kappalady in 2005 when the first kitesurfing events in Sri Lanka took place. Due to its shallow depth – you can stand everywhere – its outstanding side-onshore wind conditions and butter smooth flat water, Kappalady lagoon is termed as one of the best kite spots in Sri Lanka to learn kitesurfing. So ir you are a beginner, Kappalady lagoon is your choice. You have lots of space to set up your kites on the 100m wide and 1km long sandbank. It also stops the sea swell making it one of the flattest kitespots in Sri Lanka. Freestylers love Kappalady lagoon as they find the best freestyle conditions here.

And that’s not all! 400m from the sandbank the Indian Ocean piles up a nice break on the Kappalady reef. Over a length of about 1.5km with wave faces of 3-6ft wave kiters find themselves in an ocean playground pumping the adrenalin through their veins! The reef break is best from May - August tuning Kappalady into the most versatile kite spot of Sri Lanka.  For those who are new in wave kiting there is a Thalawila bay nearby, a sheltered kite spot where a small about 3ft wave is peeling off the breakwater and rolling super clean along the beach. Perfect also for kids and bogie boarding. There is no other spot which combines, this laidback vibe, with perfect flat water, good wind conditions, a clean beach and a wave spot right in front. Kappalady has it all – even a cool beach bar to end your day in style.

As a village, Kappalady remains rather quiet. Its not the place to party but rather to enjoy the surrounding nature. The few hotels and resorts are committed to environmental sustainability and community development.


During summer you can do a day trip and kite from Kappalady to Kalpitiya lagoon. On your way you will pass Donkey another great wave spot.

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