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learn Kite foiling hydro foiling in sri lanka

Hydrofoiling Locations Asia Sri Lanka
Foil Boarding Sri Lanka Kappalady
Learn Kite Foiling Sri Lanka
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Kite Foiling Sri Lanka
Kite Foiling Sri Lanka
Kite Foiling Sri Lanka

Hydrofoils have been around for decades in commercial applications within the high speed boating industry. Through competitive sailing and kitesurfing the hydrofoil technology has been introduced to the leisure watersports world. Just recently kite foiling has been elected an olympic discipline which speaks for itself. Kitesurfing is a highly dynamic watersport on its own and when the power of a kite is combined with the efficiency of a hydrofoil, we find ourselves in a whole new dimension of possibilities. the propulsion in kite hydrofoiling is through wind force harnessed by your kite. At a certain speed and angle of attack the lift created by the hydrofoil lifts the rider out of the water and lets him / her glide over the water surface. It feels like being detached from the laws of gravity and nature.  

Sri Lanka has ideal conditions for kite foiling and hydrofoiling as the winds here are very constant and at the right speed. Best is a windspeed bewteen 12-18 kts which we find here often at Kappalady Beach / Sri Lanka. 

Our kite & foil center is right at the spot which is very convenient and ideal. 

We have different kite foils in our stall. From North and Duotone we have beginners hydrofoils as well as PRO foils for the more advanced riders. 

Come to Kitecenter Sri Lanka and our experienced foiling crew will get you hydrofoiling.  

Hydrofoiling - excitement pure! Riding and flying at the same time!

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