kite spots in sri lanka

Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka is for most part in the North West of the country approximately 150 km north of Colombo Airport. The peninsula with its main town called Kalpitiya stretches for about 50 kilometers from top to bottom and encloses the big Puttalam Lagoon. Apart from these popular kite spots in Kalpitiya peninsula and Puttalam, there are some other kite spots in Sri Lanka. Chillaw, and Negombo located south of Puttalam are also two main kite spots in Sri Lanka. Mannar Island is also gaining its reputation as an excellent kite spots in Sri Lanka recently.

Most kitesurfing resorts in the North West region are located either on the bigger Kalpitiya Lagoon or on the smaller Kappalady Lagoon (see below). Puttalam Lagoon is also another popular kite spot in Sri Lanka and popular for kite trips and kite safaris.

Kappalady Lagoon, although smaller compared to other kite locations is one of  the best kite spots in Sri Lanka where the wind blows consistently throughout the year.

Dutch Bay

Kalpitiya Lagoon

Puttalam Lagoon

kite spots in Kalpitiya

Home to over a dozen of kite spots in Sri Lanka, Kalpitiya is the best place for kiters in Sri Lanka. Located between the picturesque Indian ocean and the flat-water lagoon in Kappalady, our kite spot at Kite Center Sri Lanka is renowned as the best kite spot in Kalpitiya.  The South West wind blows directly from the open sea into our shallow flat-water lagoon in Kappalady. Having the best wind in Sri Lanka makes it the best kite spot in Kalpitiya Peninsula and entire Sri Lanka.


Apart from our own kite spot, our team is frequently operating kite trips, and kite safaris in the Puttalam Lagoon, Dutch Bay up to Wella island in Portugal Bay, bringing you to the best flatwater kite spots in Sri Lanka where the consistent wind opens downwind options for miles and miles.



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