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Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka is for most part in the North West of the country approximately 150 km north of Colombo Airport. The peninsula with its main town called Kalpitiya stretches for about 50 kilometers from top to bottom and encloses the big Puttalam Lagoon. Apart from these popular kite spots in Kalpitiya peninsula and Puttalam, there are some other kite spots in Sri Lanka. Chillaw, and Negombo located south of Puttalam are also two main kite spots in Sri Lanka. Mannar Island is also gaining its reputation as an excellent kite spots in Sri Lanka recently.

Most kitesurfing resorts in the North West region are located either on the bigger Kalpitiya Lagoon or on the smaller Kappalady Lagoon (see below). Puttalam Lagoon is also another popular kite spot in Sri Lanka and popular for kite trips and kite safaris.

Kappalady Lagoon, although smaller compared to other kite locations is one of  the best kite spots in Sri Lanka where the wind blows consistently throughout the year.

kite spots in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has 1340 km of coast line and beaches. And with its average latitude of 7° North, Sri Lanka is right with in the northern trade wind belt. The 2200m mountains in the center part of the island create a venturi around it. For this reason there is almost an endless number of kite spots around the island. For their wind direction and condition of the shore, they are not all suitable for leisure kitesurfing.


The majority of the kite spots  in Sri Lanka you find along the North West coast, with the greater Kalpitiya area being thekitesurfing hotspot. 

Just a bit south of Kalpitiya, exposed to the main wind directions and on the Indian ocean is Kappalady beach with its famous kite loagoon. 


Kitecenter Sri Lanka is located right at one of the best kite spots in Sri Lanka - the Kappalady lagoon  - famous for its  outstanding wind conditions and  safe flat-water lagoons.  The South West wind blows directly from the open sea into our shallow flat-water lagoon in Kappalady. Having the best wind in Sri Lanka makes it the best kite spot in Kalpitiya Peninsula and entire Sri Lanka.


Apart from our own kite spot, our team is frequently operating kite trips, and kite safaris in the Puttalam Lagoon, Dutch Bay up to Wella island in Portugal Bay, bringing you to the best flatwater kite spots in Sri Lanka where the consistent wind opens downwind options for miles and miles.

Puttalam is a sheltered lagoon that absolutely dwarfs the likes of Kappalady and Kalpitiya. In a word: it’s huge. The lagoon begins just south of Dutch Bay (parallel to Kalpitiya) and continues down the coastline for close to 40 kilometers. Within that area, there’s dozens of sandbars, tiny islands, and pockets of flat water to ride around in. Puttalam can be a pretty epic place to explore by kite- especially because so few other kiteboarders make it down that far. A word of caution though:

Kitesurfing in Puttalam Lagoon isn’t all that suitable for solo exploration. The lagoon is an active fishing zone, so there tends to be a lot of lines and sticks in the water in certain areas, as well as very dense seaweed that will bury your lines for good if you happen to crash at the wrong place. On top of that, road access to the kiteable areas is fairly limited. It’s best to ask advice from some of the local kite centers (or better yet, join a tour with them!) before you head down there on your own.

We also operate spectacular kite safaris to  Vella island, another great kite spot in Sri Lanka. The teeny tiny island sits bang in the middle of the waters north of Kalpitiya- and man oh man, is it ever stunning.  Take a bumpy boat ride from Kalpitiya to Vella Island where you’ll be able to set up and launch your kites. The surrounding waters are flat and the wind is stable, making it a sweet alternative to the more popular kite spots to the south. While most people who choose to go kitesurfing at Vella Island tend to base themselves in Kalpitiya, it is possible to stay on the island overnight with some of the remote kite camps (think hammocks and tents style). Vella Island was once only used as a base for the local fishermen, but a few years ago the local kitesurf clubs from Kalpitiya chose to expand their reach and set up satellite bases on Vella. Kitesurfing Lanka is the most established, having had their Vella base for 6 years now.

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