kitesurfing season sri lanka

Kitesurfing season sri lanka - summer 

May - October

Wind speed: 15 - 25 kts

Wind direction: South West

Sea: Choppy, larger waves

Lagoon: Flat

Sea water color: Brownish (from dispersed sand)

Wind 24 hours



Kite Safaris

Standup Paddling

The windiest kite spot with the best kitesurfing conditions from May until September is at Kappalady beach & lagoon just south of Kalpitiya.


During the summer kitesurfing season in Sri Lanka, Kappalady receives the best wind in Sri Lanka. Therefore, summer season is also the peak season for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. Fully exposed to the strong and consistent SW winds ranging between 20-30 kts average, Kappalady Beach south of Kalpitiya receives the strong SW winds full on.


There are no obstacles and therefore laminar wind blows right into the knee deep flat water lagoon of Kappalady in Kalpitiya.


The Kappalady reef piles up some nice 1-2m waves in lines parallel to the shore about 400m out. Its an ideal wave for learners and experts as well. No rocks, no dangerous corals and if you get washed, you eventually get blown to the shore as the wind is always side on shore.


From May until September, Kappalady lagoon is is the windiest kite spot in Sri Lanka.

Kitesurfing season sri lanka - winter

December - March

Wind speed: 12 - 20 kts

Wind direction: North West

Sea: Flat, small waves only

Lagoon: Flat

Sea water color: Blue

Wind normally in the afternoon only



Kite Safaris

Dolphin Watching

Standup Paddling



The kitesurfing season in Sri Lanka during the winter months run from mid December to end of March. The winter season is different to the summer kitesurfing season in Sri Lanka. The mornings are calm with a fable NW offshore breeze and the calm sea in its turquoise colours invites one for swimming, snorkeling and dolphin watching.

Around midday, the wind changes direction to N / N-W and picks up to nice consistent 15-20kts and blows throughout the entire afternoon until and after sunset.


Depending on the wind direction the lagoon gets a bit gusty especially if the wind comes straight from the North. However, very often, we enjoy amazing sunset sessions by the beach in front of Elements, our kite hotel before setting back to shore and enjoying the well deserved cold beer at the Elements Beach Bar -- chatting up with fellow kitesurfers and exchanging the highlights of the day.



Kappalady, Talawila​

Sri Lanka

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