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Lots can be said about how safe it is to travel to Sri Lanka. Out of my personal perspective I consider travelling to and in Sri Lanka as safe. It is true that fuel, diesel, gas and various basic commodities are scarce, however this generally does not affect the traveller and tourist. Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankans are happy about every visitor to their beautiful island, despite their personal life challenges. You will find less busses on the roads, and long cues at the petrol sheds, however private vehicles and taxis are available to get around. Omit large gatherings in general and you will be safe. The picture propagated in the media looks dramatic and it is for the Sri Lankans as their cost of living driven by the inflation and high fuel prices is soaring through the roof.

Beside my personal opinion, I feel it is best if you join Sri Lanka Travel and Tourism | Facebook Over 49'000 people, travellers, visitors, operators are part of this platform which talks openly about tourism in Sri Lanka as well as about its safety aspects. 

Come and visit Sri Lanka is the credo - every traveller who does so now finds a Sri Lanka as it was 15 years ago. Few people at temples, parks, wide open beaches, plenty of space to let your soul linger. And on top with your visit your are doing something good - you help the people of this amazing island nation a bit back onto their legs. Hope to see you soon,


Marcel Bobay, founder of the Elements idea  

Kitesurfing Sri Lanka Kappalady Lagoon 23 Elements Resort
Kitespot Sri Lanka - Kappalady Lagoon
Kappalady Lagoon Beach Hut
Kappalady Lagoon Beach Hut 2
Chilling at Kappalady Lagoon Sri Lanka
drone view Kappalady Lagoon

covid information for your travel to sri lanka

Travelling in Sri Lanka and Kitesurfing during corona, unwinding and hearing the familiar greeting Ayubowan (meaning, may you live long)  is all possible.

For up to date and comprehensive travel information, visit the official website of Sri Lanka Tourism:

We have summarized all important Covid related information on the website of Elemets Is Sri Lanka safe?


If you have further questions or need assistance, just reach out to us:

Call Samith, our reservations manager via phone or whatsapp: +94 770 066 468


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