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Best foil spot in Sri Lanka: Kite foiling or hydro foiling in Kappalady, Sri Lanka

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

It was only a few years ago that hydro foiling or foil boarding gained popularity as an adventurous sport in the kitesurfing world. Hydrofoils have been used commercially for many decades, this especially in connection with high-speed hydro foil ferry boats. Meanwhile foiling has conquered the entire leisure water sports world, namely kite foiling, wake foiling, sup foiling, surf foiling and wing foiling. For foiling you need laminar wind and a wide open kite spot. Thus Kappalady Beach in Sri Lanka ranks as a top foiling spot in Asia ideal to learn hydro foiling or foil kiting in Sri Lanka.

So, what is hydro foiling or foil boarding?

First of all, the sport has many terms: hydro foiling, foil boarding, foil kiting, kite foiling, and so on. Hydro foiling is much like kite kitesurfing but with a hydrofoil under the board, which lifts you above the water surface. But how does that really work? In fact its similar physics than those of an airplane wing. The hydrodynamic shape of the hydrofoil accelerates the water flow on the topside of the wing and thus creates an under pressure. The resulting pressure difference between the underside and top side of the foil then creates the desired lift which lifts you out of and above the water surface. The lift depends on the foil's speed and angle of attack. The speed you control with you kite or wing, the angle of attack you control with your feet / legs.

When foil kiters gain speed as they ride along, they begin to smoothly glide through the water, and elevate themselves. Many in the leisure sports world describe this feeling as similar to flying.

What equipment do you need for foil kiting?

For foil boarding, you will of course need a kite hydrofoil that fits perfectly and is compatible with your board. Make sure you wear your protective gear, helmet and vest at all costs. Along your kite foiling journey and as you become an advanced foil kiter, you can upgrade to ram air race air kites which are designed for very light winds and have an enormous upwind and speed performance. With a foil kite you can averagely ride up to 2.5 times the windspeed.

As an Eleveight center in Sri Lanka, our in-house kite rental shop offers Eleveight foils kites in Sri Lanka. You can also rent other kite foiling and boarding equipment in Sri Lanka at our on-site shop with a large range of water sports must-haves.

Learning hydrofoiling at the best foil spot in Sri Lanka

A hydrofoil is quite sharp, which means that you need to handle it carefully and protect yourself well. Meanwhile, it takes a bit of learning to master foil boarding. So the best way is to take a few lessons from a reputed kite school that also specializes in foil kiting.

There are some key things to follow when you are just starting foil kiting. For example, it’s recommended to learn hydro foiling strapless to be free to jump off the board at any given time avoiding uneccessary risks or injuries. Another important point is to put enough weight on your front foot and build up more pressure with your toes, which helps keep the board flat without edging with your heels. And of course to gain the perfect speed is key! Thus after positioning yourself perfectly, use the initial pull of your kite to accelerate you on a broad reach course - this is the easiest way to accelerate.

At our kite school at Kite Center Sri Lanka, our multilingual local and foreign kite instructors also offer foil boarding or hydrofoiling lessons to kiters of all levels.

Best foil spots in Asia

Why Kite Center Sri Lanka at Kappalady, Sri Lanka is one of the best places for hydrofoiling or foil boarding?

The greatest bonus with hydro foiling is that it has a minimal drag, which means that it reduces the imposed water resistance drag. There are other advantages of foil boarding such as giving you a much better upwind ability when compared to kiteboarding. On the other hand, kite foiling is possible in light wind situations, which helps you cruise along the waters and have a wonderful, flying-like experience.

Because of its ability to kite in much lighter wind conditions, this allows a lot more kiteable days.

Kite Center Sri Lanka is located right at the kite spot in Kappalady, Sri Lanka, which is also regarded as one of the best kite locations on the island. With two main kite seasons in summer and winter, the kite spot in Kappalady allows 200 days for conventional kiteboarding. With the foil on, kiters can hydrofoil for over 300 days in a year, which makes Kappalady one of the best foil spots in Sri Lanka and Asia.

While our summer kite season in Kappalady with 15-25kts high-speed winds is popular among regular kiteboarders, winter kite season from December to March with northwest winds averaging 14 to max 20 kts is well suited for foil kiting. The lighter winds in March and April are also a great time for kite foiling. On the other hand, the shoulder season in October with light wind conditions is also a good time to learn hydro foiling at our kite school Kite Center Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, Kappalady is one of the quietest beach and kitesurfing locations in Sri Lanka. Our flatwater lagoons and oceans in Kappalady are almost untouched with less competition on the water, which makes it a safe and comfortable spot to learn foil kiting in Sri Lanka.

Most of our guests who learn foil kiting or hydro foiling with us love the silent water experience of gliding along aloft the surface of the water. With a safe kite spot, light winds favorable for foil kiting, and no kite-stress in the water, they all have a comfortable and memorable experience learning to foil kite in Sri Lanka. All of these reasons make Kappalady the best foil spot in Sri Lanka.

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