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"my Favorite Spot In the World" — Reflections from Our IKO Kite instructor Courses in Sri Lanka

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

This September we organized IKO kite instructor courses in Sri Lanka. We had an amazing time with our examiner Xavier Roussos, all the yet to become IKO Level 1 instructors, thekite students and our whole crew. With amazing wind throughout the entire IKO course, the entire Kappalady flat water lagoon just for us, plenty of sunshine all around and wonderful company, we couldn't have asked for a better end to our summer kitesurfing season 2021.

Good news: We are already planning the next IKO ITC and ATC in June 2022. If you are considering to make kitesurfing your lifestyle, go for it and check out our pre-preparation post.

This is Let’s see what one of our kite st

udents has to tell us about his experience at Kite Center Sri Lanka and Elements Beach & Nature Resort.

Q: Simon, tell us a bit about Kite Center? Did you like it here?

Simon: IT WAS AMAZING! I was surprised with the big storage you guys have. You know we enrolled in the IKO training course, and we were supposed to bring our equipment as much as we have. Most of the participants, including myself, didn't have a helmet or an impact vest, but no worries, besides all the up to date kite equipment Kite Center Sri Lanka was generously providing all required quiver.

I remember, a couple of years back at another school, they only had a selection of three helmets, that's it..And maybe, five harnesses. And then you see Kite Center with a massive kite equipment rental and shop; it’s nice to have different sizes and a large range of well maintained equipment to choose from. Definitely a plus point for being so inclusive.

Q: That’s wonderful! We’ve often heard praises about our kite shop. What else did you like?

Simon: I didn’t really know what to expect first from the teaching process as it was quite new to me. I have been kitesurfing since 2006. So from my expectations, I thought it’s going to be a basic course. Let me tell you, it was anything but basic.

We learnt a lot of things, both technical and theory. We learnt about aerodynamics and the different weather conditions. It was not only theoretical; we applied the theory in practice; whatever we learnt we would go out to the beach and practice it. So for me, it was challenging. I haven't been to school for a long time, so I had to do my homework. So it definitely pushed me to do better.

I had to practice a lot for the IKO course exam and it’s enriching and I ended up learning more than I expected. And this comes from me, someone who’s been kitesurfing for 15 years now.

Q: We are so glad that the course exceeded your expectations. How did you come to know about IKO kite courses at Elements and KCSL?

Simon: I was googling it — I wanted to go to Sri Lanka either way; and Elements is a nice resort. But I was planning to do a course in Egypt or Europe; when you go to the IKO page and type the instructor course, that's how I found it. And I’d definitely recommend the courses to my friends.

Q: Anything about our kite spot?

Simon: I loved the lagoon since I love flat waters. Honestly, it’s my favorite spot in the world. I have been to many places but I loved the Kappalady lagoon; it's smaller in size and has wonderful flat water conditions.

And if I add something about Elements, I love it! The whole combination where you have the kite school right next to the Elements Resort, and from the classroom you can see the sea and feel the sea breeze. It’s the perfect place for IKO courses and it doesn’t matter which level it is.

Now that we heard from Simon, let's hear from Xavier Roussos about what it’s like to teach at Kite Center. If you want to know about Xavier’s thoughts before his trip to KCSL, read here.

Q: You were teaching the kite instructor courses. How did it go?

Xavier: First, we talked about the spot weather; we had wind every day. The school is very very great. It has ample equipment, and bars for the instructors. It was great, very organized and the school master Marcel was always there to help us out with the equipment.

And I've been teaching kite courses since 2004 and I complete 12 to 15 courses each year. But this was my first time at Kite Center and for me, it’s one of the best places I have been.

Q: We are really happy to hear you loved it here. How did you find the setup compared to other places?

Xavier: We had a nice classroom with all the equipment, projectors, tv and manuals, which were nicely printed. Classroom was neat and organized for theory; practical parts were done on the beach.

The beach was amazing. We had access to both the sea side and lagoon. The sea side is ideal for instructors to train for risky procedures, jumps and rescue procedures. Teaching in the lagoon was extremely safe with the water being shallow; it was easy to follow the program setup as it was windy all the time.

Q: Do you have something to share for the kite enthusiasts?

Xavier: Yes, absolutely! For June 2022, we are planning to train local trainers as well as foreigners in which they can also discover Sri Lanka.

Because Covid-19 rules are relaxed now — and since Sri Lanka is fully open — people should not be afraid to travel. It’s easy! Once you are here, you forget all the problems of the outside world, and the food, oh my god the “fooood” — Ray, the chef makes good food, absolutely delicious. Everything is amazing, the place is amazing!

And that’s why I would recommend Kite Center to my friends. It's a little paradise, very soothing and relaxing and Marcel and Sylvie make the place filled with smiles.

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