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Wing Foiling In Sri Lanka: Best Wing Foiling Spot In the Country

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

This cool, fast-booming sport has many names: wing foiling, wing surfing, winging. In a nutshell, wing foiling is fast catching up across the world. This board riding adventure watersport is an innovative combination of kitesurfing, windsurfing and foiling. And now, it’s possible to enjoy wing foiling in Sri Lanka. Our kite school in Kappalady near Kalpitiya provides wing foiling lessons and organise fun winging sessions for wingers and kiters of all levels. We are located at one of the best wing foiling spots in Sri Lanka, which means that you get to make the most out of your wingfoiling holiday.

The best part is, you might not even need to know kitesurfing to get started. It all sounds cool, right? Let’s dive in!

So what’s wing foiling?

For wing foiling, you got to handle the wing without any attachments to the board. Here’s the basic idea: You get to use the power of a handheld wing while you stand on a board. So, how does this work? If you are a complete beginner at wing foiling, you can use a standup paddleboard to get used to standing and kneeling with the wing. Beginners can try this during light wind conditions, which means that the last few months of the winter kitesurfing season in Kappalady is a great time for beginner wingers.

Once you get confident in the waters, you can reduce the board size and get on a hydrofoil. A hydrofoil attached to the underside of the board adds a lot of fun to the whole winging sensation. While the wing pumps up power, the hydrofoil helps the board to lift, allowing it to glide smoothly over the water. With the foil on, it makes wing foiling a lot more of fun even during light wind conditions.

Unlike kitesurfing and hydrofoiling, wing foiling is a great sport for many people. This cool new trend of wingfoiling creates a thrilling sensation even during the days when wind speed is weaker.

So in brief, to learn wing foiling, you need three things: A wing, a board and a hydrofoil. You don’t need to go through the hassle of bringing these down — at Kitecenter Sri Lanka in Kappalady, we have our own kite rental shop, which means you’d be able to rent all the equipment you need to get started winging.

Why should you try wing foiling?

Wing foiling is great fun both in light and fast wind conditions, but here are some more reasons why you’d love the sport.

  • You’ve full control over the wing. The wing is connected to your hands so you can decide when to stop or slow down! It’s accessible and safe, making it a great watersport for beginners.

  • With the wing, you can start wing surfing anywhere. Yes, we meant it.

  • The hydrofoil under the board adds a lot of power, which means you can quickly start flying and handle a great wind range.

  • There's a very low risk of getting yourself injured. Again, safe for beginners.

  • It adds a lot of versatility to your watersports adventure. You can get started without heavy planning and ride downwind or get on a freeride session.

Kappalady Beach and Lagoon in Kalpitiya are great spots for wing foiling in Sri Lanka

Keep in mind that in Kappalady we have both flatwater lagoons with butter-smooth waters and an open ocean with plenty of space to move around. In Kappalady, we have fast, steady wind conditions for about 300 days of the year. Our low season months also receive steady, light winds, making it a fabulous time for wingers and beginners to learn wing foiling in Sri Lanka.

Our kite school Kitecenter Sri Lanka sits right at the kite spot, which means that you can start winging right in front of the stop — there's absolutely no need for inconvenient boat rides or jeep rides.

From December to April, Kappalady gets the perfect side-shore wind conditions — it’s the ideal time for wing surfing or wing foiling in Sri Lanka. On the other hand, from June to September, the Kappalady reef builds up a perfect left hand 5 ft long rolling wave which is great for winging in the waves.

That's not all. Kitecenter Sri Lanka is also an official representative of Eleveight Kiteboarding. We have the latest wing boards and brand new 2022 Eleveight WFS wings at our kite rental in Sri Lanka. Our kite and foiling centre is also an IKO affiliated centre. We instruct according to the latest teaching methods and operate with the highest safety standards so you don’t have to worry a tad bit.

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