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Foilboarding in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Recently a new dimension has been introduced to kitesurfing. Foil boarding. The hydrofoil is attached to the kiteboard reaching below the surface. At a specific speed and angle of attack of the hydrofoil it lifts the rider and board out of the water. Once the technique is mastered the foil boarding kiter is smoothly gliding above the water surface in an effortless way. Since you ride above the waves and the water surface, you wouldn’t feel the heavy impact of bumpy waters. The best part? Foil boarding does not require waves to ride, the propulsion is given by the wind and the kite.

It’s believed that Laird Hamilton started foilboarding trend. Foils allow kiting when the wind is much lighter than the usual. 10 kts are sufficient. Thus,  foilboarding is a fabulous adventure sport to do in Sri Lanka during the beautiful winter months. Although it looks effortless when mastered, foil boarding is an extreme sport, requires helmet and body protection and a good amount of practice. You should have mastered kitesurfing before getting into foil boarding.

As drag is minimal with a foil board, foil boarding can be done with much less wind than conventional kitesurfing. Therefore foil boarding can be done also in the low wind month thus making Sri Lanka now an all year kitesurfing destination. At Kitecenter Sri Lanka, we offer foil courses all year round.

With lighter winds, perfect waves and smooth waters, our winter season at Elements is the perfect time to learn foil kiteboarding in Sri Lanka. At Elements, our long sandbanks are almost untouched. All these reasons make our little spot at Kappalady one of the best spots for foil kiteboarding in Sri Lanka. With a foil, you can explore more miles in a less amount of time.

Come, say hi to us and check it out at Kite Center Sri Lanka or stay with us at our beautiful Elements Resort, and we’ll show you how to start foilboarding.

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