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Kite Spots Sri Lanka

Updated: May 28, 2018

Kite spots Sri Lanka: Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka is mainly in the North-West on the Peninsula of Kalpitiya that is surrounding the huge Puttalam Lagoon. 

The main kitesurf spots Sri Lanka are: Kappalady Lagoon, Kalpitiya Lagoon, Puttalam Lagoon and Dutch Bay. Other spots like Portugal Bay and Adams Bridge are more remote and harder to access.


Kite Spots Sri Lanka

Kalpitiya Lagoon

The KALPITIYA LAGOON is probably the most famous of the kite spots in Sri Lanka. Many kitesurf camps, schools and hotels have established around the KALPITIYA LAGOON that has a size of approximately 1000 x 3000 meters. MOST OF THESE CAMPS AND HOTELS HOWEVER ARE NOT LOCATED DIRECTLY AT THE KITE BEACH. Daily driving to the kite beach is necessary. Kalpitiya Lagoon is a nice spot with the drawback of gusty wind conditions during the summer month May through September. 

Its large size however is an advantage over the relatively small Kappalady Lagoon (see below)

Kappalady Lagoon

The KAPPALADY LAGOON is the other well known kite spot in Sri Lanka and has three established schools and kite centers, being the KITE CENTER SRI LANKA which is located on the premises of the ELEMENTS BEACH & NATURE RESORT, Kitekuda and Kappalady Kitegarden. Its size is smaller (300 x 600 meters) with the advantage that the wind is absolutely contant (non-gusty) in summer. Elements Beach & Nature Resort is the only kitesurf hotel located AT the beach.

Puttalam Lagoon and Dutch Bay

Puttalam Lagoon and Dutch Bay offers amazing spots for kitesurf day trips and kite safaris. All these spots can only be accessed by boat. KITE CENTER SRI LANKA has a boat located in the Puttalam Lagoon to offer these never forgetting day trips. Check out our kitesafari page for this

Kite Spots Sri Lanka - Overview
Kite Spots Sri Lanka

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