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Kitesurf in Sri Lanka: 5 Reasons Why It Should Be on Top of Your Bucket List

Home to palm-tree fringed beaches, sheltering layers of mountains, and a proud history of hydraulic civilization, the tiny island of Sri Lanka caters to fulfill all your travel experiences. Although not known by many, Sri Lanka is home to some of the windiest places, inviting kitesurfers of all levels. In Northwestern coast of Sri Lanka, Kalpitiya Peninsula boasts of as a thriving kitesurfing destination. In Kalpitiya, there lies a small village. Named Kappalady, the small hamlet, full of good energy, calls home to two smooth flatwater lagoons. The lagoons then join the big blue bowl, the beautiful Indian Ocean, creating a perfect kite spot. Located right by the beach is Elements Resort. It’s where we, Kite Center Sri Lanka is located. Here are five reasons why you should join us for a kitesurfing trip to Sri Lanka.

1. Our kite spot in Kappalady is a paradise

There aren’t many things that can truly be attributed to a real-life paradise, but our kite spot is. In winters, the evening wind blows and creates perfect conditions for kitesurfing. It’s when the trees shine in bright green, sprout blossoms and dance to the tune of the blowing wind. Our lagoons in Kappalady are a bright, warm home to migratory birds -- those that escape the snowy winters. The turquoise blue waters of the ocean visit the brown sandy beach million times a day.

2. It’s diverse

Our kitesurfing spot is located in Kappalady. In winters, we chase the winds in breezy evenings. In summers, both mornings and evenings provide great conditions for kitesurfing. However, on good days, when our little kite school is brimming with people, we hop on a boat to chase some other beautiful kite spots. While we organize kitesurfing safaris to popular spots like Puttalam Lagoon, we have our own little secret spots, too. They are all diverse, has different wind conditions catering to different levels.

3. Paradise beaches? It’s a YES.

Our beach is wide-open, with soft, powdery sand beneath your feet. It opens up to the sky blue waters. But Kappalady beach is lonely. You will hardly see another soul. In mornings, fishmongers hop on boats for their daily catch. After breakfast, it’s quiet again and when the sun sets, you can relax on our sunbeds watching the magnificent fireball.

4. Steady wind conditions

We have two kitesurfing seasons in Kappalady. In winters, from December till March, evenings get busy. In summers, from June till September, the wind blows throughout the day. The steady, fast wind conditions call for uninterrupted kitesurfing sessions.

5. The Sri Lankan way of life

We now know Sri Lanka is a gorgeous place to kitesurf, but its people are another reason why you should add it to your bucket list. The Sri Lankan people are a friendly bunch, warm, welcoming and helpful. In Sri Lanka, at Elements, your mornings start with a hearty local breakfast. For lunch, you can feast on traditional Sri Lankan rice & curry. Dinners are a big, joyous buffet with dessert. And our local kite instructors will be there to always guide you at our kite school.

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