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kitesurf season sri lanka

Kitesurf season Sri Lanka: In Kalpitiya/Kappalady the wind constantly blows day and night between May and September with approximately 20 knots, peaking at 30.

Wind Statistics Sri Lanka
Number of days per month with 15 knots or more

The image shows the best kitesurf season Sri Lanka: May through September there is on average a minimum of 23 days with wind of 15 knots or more!

The North-East monsoon season from December to March also brings wind for kiting/kitesurfing, though not as consistently as the period between May and September. 

Kitesurf Season Sri Lanka

This is thanks to the thermal wind which builds throughout the day and last until sunset. 

November and April are often the calmest months of the year, with less wind. Although this is not the best kitesurf season Sri Lanka, it is a great time for exploring this amazing country.


Wind Report Sri Lanka

Wind Forecast Sri Lanka

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