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Kitesurfing during Corona

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

THANK YOU kitesurfers! We are truly moved and humbled by your support and positive feedback throughout the ongoing Corona and Covid crisis. In every chat message and e-mail you had sent us, you encouraged us, wishing us good health and giving our team the confidence we all needed. Thank you for the trust you have in us and for being our guests.

Corona has affected all of us in varying degrees. The boundaries of Sri Lanka have been closed from summer 2020 until 23rd January 2021. With a stern hand, the Sri Lankan government has managed the Covid 19 crisis well - having imposed numerous lockdowns in critical areas. The Ministry of tourism has elaborated a smart concept they labeled "Safe & Secure" to welcome international tourists to the "Bio safe bubble" and designated specially certified hotels. Such hotels are being classified as "Level 1" hotels. Our sister resort Elements Beach and Nature resort is a level 1 certified hotel where you can stay during your kitesurfing trip to Sri Lanka. You find a list of these hotels on the official website of Sri Lanka Tourism.

Thanks to the effective system in place and the discipline of the Sri Lankan people, the numbers kept coming down and life got back to almost normal by mid-April. Tourism started well again with healthy numbers of tourists coming for kitesurfing and scuba diving to escape the effects of Corona and Covid 19. Times were good and the island found itself in an up-swing with positive outlooks. So the mood amongst the Sri Lankan people was good and with the outlook to the Sinhala New Year happiness and easiness spread out into the towns and villages. During Sinhala New Year, millions of Sri Lankans are moving to the island to visit family and friends. the festive mood of the people in correlation with a general lack of concern in regard to social distancing, shortly after Sri Lanka saw itself caught in the 3rd Corona wave. The government once again initiated the required measures to contain the spread of the Corona Covid 19 virus. An island-wide lock-down was imposed which continues until the 7th of June. Alongside other measures, the international airports also have been closed for inbound traffic until the end of May. Thanks to the stern measures imposed by the government the numbers of new infections are now stable and are coming down these days.

So there is a silver lining on the horizon for the people of Sri Lanka and those whose livelihood depends on tourism, as the borders are being opened up soon, travel restrictions are about to be lifted preparing the way for the return of the first tourist to the island.

Thus we are seeing the first few bold and energetic kitesurfers returning to their kitesurfing holiday destination Sri Lanka during Corona. There is a saying in German: " the world belongs to the courageous" - thus the kitesurfers who decide to come to Sri Lanka this summer will be the lucky ones, as they will find lots of space in all the kite spots around Sri Lanka and on top by choosing to spend their kite holiday in Sri Lanka they will substantially support the struggling local families and contribute to their fragile livelihood which in many cases depend on the marginal tourism revenues.

So kitesurfing during Corona and Covid 19 times has 2 positive effects.

  1. Empty kite spots with great kitesurfing conditions

  2. By booking a kite holiday during Corona you actively support struggling local families in Sri Lanka

The kitesurfing season 2021 during Corona has already started, the wind is already here.

Visit the wind forecast and wind statistics site windfinder, to get real-time wind and forecasts:

While governments around the world are continuously updating their travel advisories and policies, traveling to Sri Lanka will shortly again be possible. We know very well that planing a kitesurfing holiday during Corona / Covid 19 with all the ever-changing requirements and restrictions can be confusing and time-consuming. We have therefore taken the time and have prepared a summary in checklist form of the steps to be taken. Please follow the link below which directs you to the site and designated Corona briefing page of Elements Beach & Nature Resort where Kitecenter Sri Lanka is located at. What you need to know, do's and dont's, you find it all here.

Sit back and relax, follow the steps explained one by one, and start happily planning your next kite holiday in Sri Lanka during Covid-19 and Corona. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our reservations manager Mr. Samith here in Sri Lanka. Whatsapp +94 77 00 66 468. He is happy to help you out.

we have all the Covid safety measures in place. We operate as an SLTDA "safe & secure" certified service provider Kitecenter Sri Lanka is open for your kitesurfing holiday during Covid-19 Our kite school, KCSL, is under Elements Beach & Nature Resort, which has been awarded as one of the first “Safe & Secure” certified hotels in Sri Lanka in late January 2021. KCSL operates at the 23-acre beachfront property under the bio-safety protocol as mentioned by Sri Lanka Tourism. ​ So if you are coming here for a kitesurfing holiday during these Corona and Covid times, here’s how it looks: Kitesurfers arriving at the Colombo International Airport can directly proceed to Kitecenter Sri Lanka in Kappalady, where they are obliged to stay for 7-13 nights at the Safe & Secure Level 1 hotel, Elements Beach & Nature Resort. ​ Once the guests have received their first negative PCR results, they can involve in fun, adventure activities without worrying too much. Our kite school conducts kitesurfing and kite lessons according to IKO standards in the Kappalady Lagoon daily, while you will also have the chance to go kitesurfing in the ocean. Other adventure holiday activities during Corona and Covid include kayaking and stand-up paddling (SUP) trips in the vast, sprawling lagoons in Kappalady. You can use our infinity pool overlooking the ocean for a swim while going for beach walks and crab hunting. Often, our guests treat themselves to a stunning tropical sunset with a sundowner from the beach bar at Elements. ​ Starting from June, we are beginning our summer kitesurfing season in Sri Lanka during the Corona and Covid-19 times, where you would be able to kite all day long with steady-fast South-West wind. To know more about wind speed and conditions, see our summer kite season in Sri Lanka page. We happily assist you to make your kitesurfing holiday during Corona and Covid-19 fun and safe. We are looking forward to seeing you all at our beach paradise Elements, to enjoy a kite session together with a sundowner soon.


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