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Kitesurfing in July, Kappalady, Kalpitiya

Kitesurfing July Sri Lanka in Kappalady Lagoon

July is one of the windiest months in Sri Lanka. The tropical sun shines bright. Day temperatures soar to 30 degrees Celsius and water temperatures are at a steady 28 degrees Celsius. The tropical trade wind blows constantly, keeping the climate pleasant. And here at the North-West Coast of Sri Lanka, the conditions for kitesurfing are just perfect. July is one of the busiest months at Elements, our little kite resort in Kappalady. We’re right at the sea. It’s also where Kite Center Sri Lanka (KCSL) is located. On the Kappalady reef right at our doorstep, the consistent winds in July, pile up some nice waves. This is a call out for the advanced kitesurfers to head to the waters, play and unite with the rhythm of the ocean. You can ride in shorts but make sure to wear a lycra to protect you from the harsh tropical sun. If you forgot to br9ng yours, they sell nice lycras at the Kite Center.

Faith Kiteboarding Sri Lanka

After a day of kitesurfing, our beach bar invites with some nice tropical drinks or a cool beer for the perfect sundowner or lie in a hammock and watch the sun bids farewell for yet another day. This is your time to mingle with fellow guests, have a bit of chitchat and witness a magical sunset on a breezy evening in at Kappalady Beach. The Kite Center crew also organizes kite safaris to some breathtaking secluded kiting spots. The Kalpitiya Peninsula in North-West Coast of Sri Lanka is home to some of the best kitesurfing spots in the world. We are only a short drive away from many amazing kite spots. If you want to go on a kite safari with us, let us know. Our team will take care of everything and it’s going to be one memorable experience for you.

Where should I go next?

Haputale Sri Lanka
Haputale is a charming hill town in Sri Lanka

If you love surfing as much as you love kitesurfing, it’s the season in Arugam Bay and the East Coast of Sri Lanka. The climate is dry, but it’s also a good time to explore the cultural triangle away from the crowds. The hill country will offer you an amazing experience with monsoon charm where the waterfalls are in full glory.

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