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Kitesurfing in June, Kappalady, Sri Lanka

Kitesurfing in June Kappalady Kalpitiya

May to September is the main kitesurfing season in Sri Lanka. During this summer period, wind constantly blows throughout the day averaging 20 knots, peaking at 30 knots. The entire month of June expects windy conditions over 15 knots which makes June one of the best months for kitesurfing. At Kappalady, a small village south of Kalpitiya, where we are located, and trade winds blow from the southwest and pile up some nice swell on the Kappalady reef from beginning of June to end of August. Statistically, June is the windiest month in Sri Lanka which makes Kappalady Lagoon one of the best kitesurfing locations in June, not only in Sri Lanka but in the entire world.

There’s also plenty of space available.

Kitesurfing June Kalpitiya
Kitesurfing season in summer

Apart from having the windiest conditions perfect for kite surfers, June is also a quiet month. June has a few public holidays, and one of the busiest months in school colanders. During this period, kids gear up for their mid-term exams falling on the month of July. With no school holidays and less public holidays, expect less crowds in June. Due to southwest monsoons, it’s also the “off-season” for traveling in most parts of Sri Lanka. Although a few in numbers, those who love the magic of monsoons, however, visit the island

Eco Hotel Sri Lanka
Our eco-friendly cabanas at Kappalady

Apart from engaging in kitesurfing activities at our own kite spot, one can also go on a few kite safaris to nearby kite spots in Puttalam Lagoon and Kalpitiya Lagoon. If you are looking for a fabulous getaway, our eco-resort, Elements Beach & Nature Resort is a good base for your kitesurfing sessions in Sri Lanka in June. At Elements, our food is prepared with locally-sourced ingredients from the village gardens. In mornings, village fishermen bring in their fresh catch of the day. You can relax at our infinite pool with the most spectacular views of the Indian Ocean. One can go on a walk or cycle your way through the village to get a glimpse of the local life as well.

Where to next?

Wildlife Sri Lanka
Kumana National Park in Southeastern Sri Lanka

After your kitesurfing holiday with us at Kite Center Sri Lanka, you can continue your Sri Lanka trip. Consider heading to up north, particularly Jaffna, where the tourism is slowly opening up after the Civil War. The tropical sun shines bright in the East-Coast (Trincomalee, Batticaloa, Arugam Bay), where cafes and restaurants are open day and night during the peak season. Monsoon rains also bring out the lush greenery of Sri Lanka’s countryside. The ancient cities of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya expects less rains and are perfect destinations for history buffs.

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